Conditions of Use


1.  聖公會幼稚園校友會可能會從下列途徑發出會員通訊,通告和資料給會員:

Sheng Kung Hui Kindergarten Alumni Association may send communications, circulars and other information to members through the following channels:

- 郵遞,傳真,電郵,電話,電話短訊和即時通訊(如WhatsApp),社交媒體(如 Facebook),等等

- Mail, Fax, Email, Telephone, SMS or Instant Messaging Service (e.g. WhatsApp), Social Media (e.g. Facebook), etc

2.  本會保留權利在沒有相關人士的書面同意下,於刊物或其他媒體如會訊,網站和社交媒體等等,使用在校友會活動中拍攝所得的照片和影片。

We reserve the right to use any photograph/video taken at any alumni event, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video, in publications or other media including but not limited to: newsletters, website, social media, etc.  

3.  本會可能會向聖公會幼稚園及聖公會相關機構透露閣下所提供的聯絡資料,以便跟閣下通訊。 

The Association may disclose the contact information provided by you to Sheng Kung Hui kindergartens and affiliated organizations of Sheng Kung Hui for the purpose of communications.